If you want a boring, comfortable, safe existence where you keep coasting along rather than getting the best out of yourself, your colleagues and your pupils, then close Annie down now!  (There’s hundreds of other coaches who will pump out the same old spiel about “coaching and mentoring” and teach you the ‘old’ low impact coaching models like GROW).


Annie-Boate-3Annie is a former teacher and school leader who’s spent 18 years learning corporate coaching from the absolute best in the business & developing a “Ready-Made” Coaching System for busy people in schools which is often described as “life-changing” & “transformational”. Her unique 12-step model has been tested & proven (by both new & highly experienced coaches) to consistently out-perform the ‘old traditional models’ & dramatically improve teaching, learning & leadership. (Ofsted & school data verifies this).

Annie is humbled & proud that her work’s already helped over 10,000 people in schools worldwide to improve their performance & get better results. You might want to check out these case studiessuccess stories & testimonials to see for yourself some of the difference that her unique “Best I.M.P.A.C.T. Blueprint” has made.

She’s coached some of the most outstanding Headteachers & Senior Leaders and successfully turned around ‘weak’ staff & ‘challenging’ learners. Her work’s been featured on TV, media & even in “Educating Essex” Principal Vic Goddard’s book (which was a lovely surprise!)

But why should you care? And what does it mean for you?

Let me ask you something…

…Do you know anyone (it could be yourself, it could be a friend or a family member) who’s working really hard to improve things in a school (probably on a tight budget), but they’re not quite getting the success that they deserve for whatever reason?

Well, imagine if he or she could turn around ‘failing’ teachers or ‘under-achieving’ pupils in a few 15-20 minute conversations – would that be something that they’d find useful?


Do you have any of these challenges?

  • How to manage your workload and your time effectively
  • How to develop deeper thinking & better recall in exams
  • How to stop “spoon-feeding” & taking on other people’s “monkeys” (problems)
  • How to achieve even more “Good” and “Outstanding” Ofsted judgements
  • How to improve and get out of “Special Measures” quickly and easily
  • How to boost leadership effectiveness & impact
  • How to eliminate poor quality teaching & turn around ‘failing’ teachers in 6 weeks or even less
  • How to reduce truancy, poor behaviour & under-achievement and increase GCSE Results
  • How to reduce stress, sickness & cover costs AND retain your best staff
  • How to sustain changes and results & become “self-improving”

If you (or someone you know) would like to improve teaching, leadership and/or results on a tight budget…

Get in touch!

When you get in touch today for more information, simply ask for a “Coaching Health Check” consultation with Annie (worth £97), and quote “annieboate.com” to get it free of charge. During this 30 minute call she’ll ask about your current situation and then give you clear strategies & action steps to help you achieve the results that you want in your school quickly and easily.

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